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Neues von der Fuscherlacke

Neues von der Fuscherlacke

Moose blood.

How did the moose get to the Grossglockner?

Herbert Haslinger was the one who rendered that possible when he brought the genial swedish drink called "Moose blood" to Austria.



Herbert Haslinger has good connections to Sweden: He is married to a Swede and has a good relationship to the family Saturnus, who manufactures this great product. The company Saturnus is the only enterprise in Sweden who is allowed to produce alcoholic drinks.

In this Northern Europe country, with roast moose they drink wodka in a plastic flagon looking like a moose. "Moose blood" is made of cranberries and wodka and has a somehow smoky taste. Again and again people asked for this drink, and first it was introduced to Germany. Now you can enjoy it in Austria as well.

Herbert Haslinger will be glad to inform you about "Moose blood":
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